>TDP for Oracle for Windows RMAN backup

>1. Register a node on the TSM server.
register node nodename password domain=domainname
2. Stop all Oracle services.
3. Install TDP for Oracle for Windows.
E diskine kuruldu
4. Configure the client options file (dsm.opt).
commmethod tcpip
tcpport 1500
TCPServeraddress ip
Nodename TBMI
passwordaccess generate
5. Generate the encrypted password using aobpswd.exe.
E:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\AgentOBA\tdpoconf password – 123
E:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\AgentOBA\tdpoconf show
6. Test a TDP for Oracle for Windows RMAN backup.
rman nocatalog
connect target user/pass@
shutdown immediate
startup mount
(SID_NAME = orcl)
(ORACLE_HOME = E:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1)

run {
allocate channel t1 type ‘sbt_tape’ parms
backup (database);}
rman>list backup;
tsm>q occupancy
tsm>select * from backups where node_name=’nodename’
rman>allocate channel for delete type ‘sbt_tape’;
rman>list backup;
rman>change backuppiece ’03lh1hgg_1_1′ delete; -tsm LL_NAME:03lh1hgg_1_1
rman>change backuppiece ’06lh1meb_1_1′ delete;
ANS4994S DP Oracle Win32 ANU0599 TDP for Oracle: (848): => () ANS1126E (RC27) The
file space cannot be deleted because this node does not have
permission to delete archived or backed up data.
tsm>update node backdel=y

7. Install the TSM backup-archive client (optional).

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